The Boy With No Eyes

2014-08-26_0002Have you ever listened to the comedian, John Mulaney?  He’s probably quoted in our house at least twenty times every day and that is no exaggeration.  Sean and I first heard him on Pandora‘s comedy radio.  We were listening to the Mitch Hedberg station (another favorite: “I did not know that ducks eat fo’ FREE at Subway!”) and every time one of John Mulaney’s sketches came on, we’d almost pee ourselves laughing so hard.  I listened to a lot of him on a trip north with my sister, Carrie, too, and when we stopped at a Wawa for sandwiches, the couple in front of us said that they saw us on the road and had to remark about how much fun our car looked like from all the laughter that was happening within.  Sean’s favorite bit is The Xanax Story on his stand up, New In Town.  My two favorites are Math and King Solomon and Chase Through the Subway, which are both on The Top Part.  Both stand ups are totally worth a full listen (or six).2014-08-26_0001Are there any comedians you’re loving lately?  I’d love some suggestions for my last few months of road tripping for the year!

NEW YORK | Tito Santana Taqueria in Beacon


I visited Tito Santana‘s shortly after it opened in 2011, back when I was in Beacon on the daily.  I sat in the quiet restaurant admiring the outline of a mural, which was already beautiful, but merely the bones of today’s colorful masterpiece by local artists, Rick Price and Joe Pimental.  The owner, Kamel, was behind the counter and we chatted about his taqueria and his other restaurants in the Hudson Valley.  He was so gracious, I felt a little bad about the silence that followed once he put the steak tacos down in front of me.  He has to be used to it, though, serving food that good.

My hilarious friend, Becky, and I met there last Thursday evening for tacos and chats, and neither of those things disappointed.  I could go on and on about how much fun Becky and I have together, but all it would say is, “LOL4ever,” and everyone would be all what does that even meannn and I’d be like, you probably wouldn’t get it, so I’ll keep this post mainly about tacos.  I rarely venture past the steak tacos, because they’re kind of amazing, so if you’re ever in Beacon, be sure to swing through and order some.  Then, you know, get in touch and describe it to me so I can enjoy vicariously, yeah?  Also, CHALKBOARD TABLES.  Here are some photos from our evening.  I’ve been so bad about getting photos of me with my friends, but Becky and I managed to grab an iPhone photo or two during our post-dining wine-drinking across the street at Bank Square, which I have included for posterity :)

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August 5, 2014 - 1:21 pm


That Burrito was on-point as well. And the beer. And the everything.
But what really rocked was the couple trash talking the step-mother, who I can only assume was in her 70s, given the couple’s age. They were amazing.

Beautiful photos as always! Miss you as always!

August 7, 2014 - 5:15 pm

Jen - This place looks and sounds aaaaaamazing.

NEW YORK | Hudson Hil’s in Cold Spring


Back when our bridal website was a regularly-updated entity, my friend and co-founder, Jen, and I used to have weekly business meetings to discuss blog and magazine content, our goals for the future, and who would be doing what within the following week.  Cold Spring is sort of a halfway point between us, which worked out very well considering that little city, just 45 minutes north of Manhattan, is FULL of delicious food.  There are also sweet little antique shops, and a cool general store, and today we passed by what can only be described as an apothecary, which probably had us way more excited than it should have (essential oils!  jars of herbs!  delicious smells!), but if you were looking at a pie chart of my Cold Spring experiences, you would see a teeny-tiny Yolandah Foster birthday cake serving size of cute shops (RHOBH, anyone?), and the rest would just be places to stuff your face.  Incidentally, this made it the perfect meeting place for Jen and I, because like myself, Jen also appreciates a good face stuffing.  It’s one of the many reasons we get along so well ;)


One of our favorite restaurants, Hudson Hil’s, is about halfway down Main Street in an effortlessly quaint storefront.  This has become my very favorite brunch spot in the Hudson Valley, and I don’t say that lightly.  What Poppy’s is to burgers, Hudson Hil’s is to brunch.  I have ordered a variety of dishes from their menu over the years and I have never once been disappointed… Read More »

August 1, 2014 - 8:55 am

Jen - Love Hudson Hil’s (and Cold Spring!) and love yooooou! And ditto on the whole motivated/inspired/refreshed sentiment. It’s always nice to empty your brain at someone who gets it!

August 8, 2014 - 11:19 am

Friday Faves + Weekend Links | Cuddles and ChaosCuddles and Chaos - […] I met with my pal Jackie last week for brainstorming, face stuffing, and bonding over existential crises (and bacon. Always bacon). It was glorious. She took photos. […]

5 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Guest List


I’d say the most challenging thing about wedding planning is deciding on the guest list.  Those of you who have been through the process: would you agree?  Until we actually sat down and started writing it out, I never realized how many people we would want to invite to our wedding.  Not that I want a huge wedding – quite the contrary, in fact –  the more intimate, the better, in my opinion.  But when you actually take the time to imagine the faces you’ll see celebrating with you as you look around on your wedding day, there are some you just can’t imagine leaving out.  In my case, that number is pretty large.

I’ve been reading articles and asking others how they decided who to invite (and who not to) and I’ve found some enlightenment throughout the heaps of impractical advice out there.  For those who elopements or destination weddings aren’t an option for, or for people like me who don’t want to gamble their share of a guest list away over a game of beer pong (I’m not very good at beer pong)(more importantly: seriously?), here are the most practical tips I found for trimming your wedding guest list… Read More »

(p)inspiration [No. 9]

A few of my favorite pins as of late, sparing you the excess of all things wedding.  All of these induce a sense of calm, which seems like an appropriate theme during this quiet week at my Dad’s cabin.  Here’s to maintaining that calm between this week’s work events!  These pins and more on my pinterest.

2014-07-29_0007 2014-07-29_0005 2014-07-29_0004 2014-07-29_00032014-07-29_0001 2014-07-29_0002

July 29, 2014 - 4:28 pm

Jen - Ahhh, love these. These colors are definitely my zen place.