Better Bloody Mary


I’m kind of ehh about Bloody Marys.  Sometimes, I think they’re the best thing ever, and sometimes, I think they’re super gross.  I also don’t really like vodka (thanks, college!), so if I’m going to get a savory drink, I’m much more likely to order a Michelada.  That being said, my sisters are Bloody Mary fiends.  They love them, and every time I’m all “mimosas!” they’re all, “but where’s the v8?”

Because I like to be a good hostess and knock people’s socks off and because I LOVE making drinks and would probably never make myself a Bloody Mary just for the hell of it, I took their visit as an opportunity to make a baller-ass Bloody Mary, that even I liked :)  It obviously involved bacon, as any good bloody mary should, because bacon.  It also included other things, which you can see right here… Read More »

Mexican Street Corn


There’s a little Cuban restaurant in SoHo on Prince & Elizabeth where a Lenny Kravitz video was filmed.  I was first introduced over a decade ago, and about once a year, when I find some time between shoots, or on the rare occasion when I’m in NYC to socialize, I swing by and get an order of corn from Cafe Habana.  The little corner restaurant used to have a line that wrapped around the corner, but now there’s an outpost for to-go orders next door, and one in Brooklyn, and even a restaurant in Malibu.  It is seriously the best corn I’ve ever had, and my sister, Michelle, is equally obsessed, so when I was meal planning for her visit last weekend, I made a point to google some recipes.  I read through a bunch and played around with them until I came up with the one I used.  Oh, and I will be using it again, because #YUM.  Here it is… Read More »

4th of July Weekend in Virginia Beach

2014-07-07_0014 We spent the holiday weekend at home in Virginia Beach with my sisters, Carrie and Michelle, and my niece and nephew, Celina and Jax.  I loved every minute of their visit – even the day before while I was “deep cleaning” (according to Sean, “it’s just called cleaning…”) and stocking my fridge with delicious treats, I was dancing around the house, so excited to see my people!  I’m thrilled to see my sisters every time, but I hadn’t seen my niece and nephew since March (under not the greatest circumstances), which is a pretty long time to go without hugs.  From stories relayed through my sister and FaceTime chats, the missing was completely mutual… Read More »

11 Great Wedding Invitations


Ohhh wedding planning.

Anyone who has planned a wedding, or is neck deep in their planning knows exactly how emotionally pregnant that three word, three ‘h’ statement is.  It manages to be an amazing creative outlet, an incredible source of excitement, yet is fraught with frustration and disappointment (#firstworldproblems).  At this point, I’m just really grateful that I was born into such a crafty family.  I’ve called my sisters multiple times over the past few weeks, starting the conversation with, “Am I being completely crazy…” to which they respond with unwavering support and corresponding ideas.  Sisters are the best, man.

Getting onto the more creative aspects of things, I’ve been looking around at wedding invitations and found some really cool invites in a search for one I like.  Notice how I say “I” there?  I asked Sean his opinion about one really pretty invite and he said, “I think the font is a little too fancy.”  I really appreciate his honesty, but I still ended up arguing the merits of the font for a solid three minutes.  When I finished, he looked at me apologetically and said, “I don’t really care that much about this part.”  That made me laugh :)

Here are ten of my favorites that I’ve come across in my search.  I wish we could have ten weddings so that I could use them all.  Guess we’ll just have to get married every year, OH WELL…

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Spicy Margaritas


I really like unexpected flavors in food, especially when it comes to ice cream and drinks.  Beet-hibiscus sorbet? Delicious.  Pineapple Arugula Mojitp?  Gimme.  It comes as no surprise that I whip up no less than ten spicy lemonades a week.  Yes, I’m talking about the spicy lemonades from Master Cleanse.  Not that I have remotely enough willpower to actually do the Master Cleanse (nor do I want to), but that lemonade is the bomb-dot-com.  So last Tuesday, when we were making our weekly taco dinner (because yum), I was pouring tequila into the chicken, as you do with chicken, and Sean glanced over and said “yes, please!” and I said “OKAY!” and searched for my shaker, but couldn’t find it (read: it was too far away) so I grabbed a quart sized mason jar and went to work.  I was all, “slice up that jalapeño!” and it got a little crazy, but it was the best margarita.  Here’s the recipe, if you so desire… Read More »